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Safox is developed by Riskmatrix, an established consultancy and IT provider with considerable experience in change management programs.

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The business transformation from physical proximity to remote proximity is a disruptive innovation. It will take smart technologies to support operational solutions to realize a win-win for all stakeholders.

Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen

General Manager, SAFOX

Our mission is to be our customers’ first choice for software and services in the domain of ERP solutions for process–oriented companies whose core business is built around ‘People, Organizations and Locations’.

Customer Focus

By anticipating market trends and investing time and effort to fully understand customer needs, we go to great lengths to provide products and solutions of superior value.


With the goal to create superior customer value, we constructively challenge the status quo and explore opportunities to innovate. We are willing to take controlled risks and are determined to persevere.


Our pride in what our company does inspires and motivates us to give our best at work. We are eager to learn about our business and to share our know-how and enthusiasm with others.

Team Spirit

Whether in the field at customers, in the office, on the road – we are one team, sharing a common purpose and common goals. All members of this team actively engage in open communication and idea sharing and are committed to working together to achieve our common goals across the whole organization.