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Riskmatrix has extensive practical experience in introducing safety solutions into security organizations through a blend of training, coaching and consultancy. We have ‘cut our teeth’ in large business and have helped companies of all sizes to implement change programs both at a local and an organizational-wide level.

We have taken successful steps in introducing Safox to suppliers of facility management. Through data integration and smart process analyses in Safox, these suppliers can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their support services. The result? A smarter and safer working environment for their clients.

Our experience in industry and logistics shows us that the potential impact of Safox on this sector cannot be underestimated. These sites run on elaborate and intricate operations and work flows. Our focus on advanced process automation opens the door to huge gains in efficiency, both on and off site.


The Securitas AMEA region has been integrating Safox since 2014 and targets to deliver a live ERP solution in its 16 countries by the end of 2019.

SERIS Security

Seris Security Belgium has been using Safox since 2007. As it plans over 1,500 guards on a daily basis, they are a strong representative of planning in Safox.

SERIS France

Seris France employs over 8,000 staff members, mostly for security and reception services. They have been using Safox for planning and workforce reporting since 2014.

Essity group

In 2014, RiskMatrix successfully implemented logistics automation throughout different locations of Essity in Europe.