The Smartest Security Guard Sofware Suite

Safox is exactly the tool to manage your organization and processes.

Safox is a cloud based MVC.Net ERP platform that allows you to drive, manage and control your organization, both internally and externally. The solution provides a full suite of modules, which can be activated on demand. Safox is a proven concept that ensures optimization in every service business.

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The basics of Safox are built around Organizations, Locations and People.


The management of all connected and used
organizations allow the user to manage
your organization, clients, suppliers, media
instances, government instances…

All organizations can be attributed with multiple roles, activities and contacting information. Within multiple modules these types of information are used on a financial, administrative or operational level.


Site and facility management within Safox
allows the user to relate entities on di erent levels: activity, client, site, employees or contacts…

Locations are known for their dependency
towards an organization (the platform
provides a hierarchical structure within).

Geographical track & trace is supported in
real time..


All employees are managed within Safox to
provide human resource management. To enable stakeholders to be integrated within the processes and workfl ows, they are linked to the corresponding organizations and locations.

Users can be granted access to the platform
within different roles and access levels.

Operational elements such as resources can
be attributed to contacts within the platform.

A safer world needs a better organization.

SAFOX Front Office

Onsite Workforce Reporting

The Safox onsite workforce reporting module allows your operational staff to perform each task or mission. Within his/her cockpit, this employee can communicate on the task status and report on procedures and instructions.

 – Instructions and tasks

– Personal communication cockpit

– Live feedback

Smart Mobile Reporting

Safox provides mobile access on different. All connectivity is based on access credentials and as a 24/7 online service. Updates on applications are performed
over the air.

 – Android smartphone Mobile Connector

– Response operations

– Mobile communication cockpit

SAFOX Back Office


The CRM module Safox in is built for your needs and brings high added value by being focused on your operations. A safety and security focused sales & customer management tool allows your account team to work at maximum efficiency and tightly integrates with the contract management.

 – Account management

– Proposal generation and contract integration

– Advanced salesforce

Contract Management

The Contract management module in Safox allows your administration team to manage all client agreements. Originating from the CRM module, the contracts are automatically created, avoiding double data entry and ensuring excellent efficiency.

 – Manage client agreements

– Manage the income

– Provide operational tasks


The Safox planning system links a person to a location by performing a mission with time specifi cations, instructions, knowledge and qualifi cation levels.
The link between an employee and the planning enables payroll, invoicing and planned operations reporting.

 – Dynamic planning

– Smart planning

– Real time planning


A dynamic organization requires its HRM software to be providing excellent flexibility in use while matching perfectly to the day to day administrative business.
Safox HRM leads the way to creative and effective HR management.

 – Manage a career

– The road to payroll

– People management


Pre-payroll can be done in Safox on a permanent level. Live vision on expected payroll results, gives a timely advantage on managing human resource
costs and effectiveness.

 – Compliant to your legal situation

– Interface to payroll systems

– Pre-calculations and timesheet generation


If the country of application is not subject to taxes, Safox payroll will allow you to fully generate the payroll, bank transfer file and even automate the payslip towards the staff. This is possible both for direct and indirect staff .

 – Country specific calculations

– Payslip generation

– Bank transfer file generation


Invoicing in Safox is a breeze. Fully automated generation of invoice proposals allows the user to finetune, validate and communicate the invoices fully supported
by innovative software support. Based on contractual planning, time and attendance, all performances are evaluated by the invoicing module when calculating and generating the invoice proposals.

 – Invoice proposal generation

– Invoice proposal edit and approval

– Invoice communication


A module always included, Safox tasks ensures your day to day operations run smoothly. Live follow up and strength in communication is key to be in control!

 – Online task creation and follow up

– Deep integration into all modules

– Task automation

Meeting reports

Safox meeting reports module is always included in the setup and enables you to manage all your meetings, related communication and tasks within an
integrated process, linking it to all other platform data. Integrated and online.

 – Meeting reports generation

– Meeting report documentation and

– Task management


Safox has a generic workflow engine. Every process expert can build automated workflows himself without any programming knowledge. Because of this, it is possible to react quickly and make adjustments oneself when necessary without having to depend on internal or external IT expertise.

Business processes can be translated
into logical steps, which need to be carried out by those involved. The result forms the integration of a process approach that becomes qualifiable and quantifiable. A strong visual editor allows the setup of forms, relations and a full flow control!

 – Client related workflows

– HR related workflows

– Other, eg. financial workflows

Quick Scan Audit

Risk management can be applied to different domains. We know the physical and electronic security of infrastructures (site, buildings, location, etc.), the
work place risk analysis as part of safety and health in the work environment or for example the risk analysis of a business process (business continuity, help
desk & dispatching, etc.)

 – Quick company profiling

– The quick scan executed

– Recommendations and follow up

SAFOX Portal

Customer Portal

The Safox customer portal allows you to tightly integrate your customer into your service delivered. Online access for the customer implies live communication,
better follow up, and opening the gate to next level services.

 – Live follow up on reporting

– Integrated communication

– New business opportunities

Staff/Guard Portal

The Safox staff portal allows your staff to be connected to the organization, 24/7. The personal cockpit allows for the employee to oversee the personal situation, planning and duties. Furthermore, the employee can request new equipment, absences and notify on changes in his/her personal environment which are relevant for the organization.

 – Personal situation

– Document management

– Live follow up

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